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The Company

Fountain Square - Cincinnati, Ohio
eGlop, Inc. is a software development company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.   Incorporated in the early part of 2004 by Patrick Callahan, eGlop was little more than a long held set of goals and ideas.   Before long, a powerful team of energetic Software Engineers had been assembled.   A well trained team of Developers that are not only good at what they do, but love to do it.   It is this love of programming that drives eGlop, Inc. to deliver the most reliable and user friendly software on the market.   Our software will work for you; Period.

The Difference

Binary Code
What sets us apart from other software companies is all in our coding philosophy.   We take several steps to ensure that our products are made with the highest quality from start to finish.
  1. Planning
    We create a blueprint of the desired functionality for every single project.   It is amazing how many companies dive into the coding phase of a software project without accurately defining business requirements and programming logic.   Without adequate planning, software becomes bloated and riddled with errors.   By creating detailed design documents, eGlop products avoid many of the pitfalls found in other software packages.
  2. User Friendly User Interface
    At eGlop we believe an application must be easy to use.   A program should make sense just by looking at it.   If you have to hunt around a help file to learn how to use a program then that program is too complicated.
  3. Error Handling
    Every programmer's dream is to write a wonderful piece of software that works exactly as expected and never has any problems.   As much as we may like to, we don't live in a dream world.   As the complexity of a program increases, so does the likelihood of errors.   The idea is to minimize the amount of errors and immediately fix the ones you find.   This is why every application we write has built-in error catching and logging.   Any time there's an error it gets recorded to disk along with debug information.   The end result is that the more the program is tested and used the fewer bugs it's going to have.
  4. Strict Coding Standards
    It is an easy thing to say, but a much more difficult thing to do.   Any piece of software that does not adhere to some form of Standard Coding practice is bound to be complicated, bloated, and buggy.   At eGlop we use several techniques that ensure the code we write is readable, and easily maintainable.   The end result to you is a clean, fast, and easily updated software package.  

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