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Database Schema Designer


Database Schema Designer (DBSD) is the only graphical Relational Database modeling tool for SQL Server that you will ever need.

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Are you still designing your Databases on a whiteboard?

Whiteboard Design
The Databases you design are very important to the overall success of your business.   This is why you spend countless hours toiling over every detail on whiteboard before writing one line of code.   You want to see how everything ties together; it's only natural.   Most people can understand a Database's relationships better when they can see the whole thing laid out in a relational diagram.  

There is a better way.

Database Schema Designer's intuitive user interface has been crafted to provide the most natural methods for creating, maintaining and organizing your Database components.   DBSD can generate directly to or reverse engineer directly from your server.   Database Schema Designer is Database made easy!

Combine the whiteboard's visual nature with software's dynamic capabilities

The real problem with a whiteboard ( or any other method ) is that it is not practical for today's complicated Database requirements.   Today's Relational Databases use far too many Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, etc. to be designed freehand.   Even if you did manage to map out a workable Database model you still have to write the SQL script!   In addition, you cannot dynamically interact with a whiteboard in the same way you can with software.   Database Schema Designer allows you to model and maintain your Database schemas with speed and precision while the SQL script is being written for you under the hood.   You need to change a Table's relationship to another Table?   You need to change the name of a column, but dread changing the 100 something other places that column name is used.   With Database Schema Designer this is not a problem.   Database Schema Designer is the answer to every Database Architects dreams!

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